Thomas Trueman

Thomas Trueman is an Electronic Music Producer based in Leeds, UK.

He is a prolific composer, working in many different areas of Electronic Music.

Dokkodo Sounds is his main artistic project, which focuses around ambient soundscapes combined with hazy beats and nostalgic melodies. He has releases with established labels including Inner Ocean Records, College Music, Pueblo Vista and PalPal.

Through his work as Dokkodo Sounds, he has become an established Producer and Sound Designer. Thomas creates content and sample packs for Touch Loops and Ampify (Novation / Focusrite) iOS Apps Launchpad and Blocs Wave.

Thomas composes Production Music for various music libraries and publishers, including WotNot (Cavendish), Felt, Apache and Pretty Decent Music.

He has also begun to compose for film, having just been commissioned to compose the music for debut feature film, Wood and Water from film maker Jonas Bak.

Thomas has a deep passion for music education. He lectures at Leeds Conservatoire on the BA Production, BA Songwriting and FdA Electronic Music Production courses.

Outside of creating or teaching music, you will probably find Thomas drawing on his i-Pad or playing Magic the Gathering.

It should also be noted, Thomas is not a fan of writing biographies in the third person.